Clown Kush (2017)
Horror / Comedy / Action / Stoner Flick
        "A high Clownin' of a Groovy time! High Definition Enabled."
                "So bad it's actually GOOD!"
                       "I was so baked, I can't even remember it dude..."

Strange things await our stoner dude, Twigz who unknowingly unleashes an evil killer clown after opening up a cursed clown box which he finds in the attic of his new apartment. After smoking the Clown's Kush he accumulates a costly debt and everyone he interacts with will face the consequences.
Executive Producer, Director.........Daniel Rockman
Director of Photography, Consultant.....Bradley Creanzo
Pavol Toščák......The Clown
Mark Byk ..........Twigz, Soundtrack "Retro Taxi"
Josh Aron...........Eddie, Producer
Tara Figliolino.....Thelma
Claire Villete.......Delilah, Soundtrack "We Fly"
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"I didn't always use to be a killer clown"
Official Trailer: Clown Kush
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