Alien Abduction (2010) 
"Hot Girl Gets Probed" 
    The short that started it all
Short film/Trailer: 
An alien lands on Earth and Abducts people.
A new abductee every month!

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Night Phantoms (2011) 
"Texas Weiner Date"
Promotional Teaser for upcoming vampire web series.
Clown Kush (2017) 
VHS "Smoke not his dank mystical nug"
Feature length film:The long awaited Action, Horror, Comedy, Musical, Stoner Flick of the season.
Smokers Life (2014) 
"North Jersey"
Join us in the search for the best head shops
and smoker joints around.
Shadow Pals (2015) 
"Count Potasius"
Vampire banana and other ghoulish zany characters.